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"The Death of AV Defense in Depth?" - Cansecwest © hirsan

Excerpt of "Bluetooth Security - All your base are belong to us.

TLS/SSL Renegotiation Vulnerability (CVE-2009-3555)
This paper explains the SSLv3/TLS renegotiation vulnerability for a broader audience and summarizes the information that is currently available. It includes original research and Proof of concept code.


  • Updated : Added SMTP over TLS attack scenario
  • Updated : Added FTPS analysis
  • Updated : New attacks against HTTPS introduced
  • Updated : PoC files for TRACE and 302 redirect using TLS rengotiation flaw

This paper is referenced by the US-CERT, DFN-CERT, BELNET-CERT, SWITCH-cert, Nessus, Qualys, c't Heise, and many more. Furthermore it has served as a internal Training paper for a major OS vendor.

TLS/SSLv3 renegotiation protocol vulnerability
Blog post : SSLv3/TLS mitm vulnerability

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TLS/SSL hardening and compatibility report 2011
What started as an "I need an overview of best practise in SSL/TLS configuration" type of idea, ended in a 3 month code, reverse engineer and writing effort.

This paper aims at answering the following questions :
  • What SSL/TLS configuration is state of the art and considered secure enough ?
  • What SSL/TLS ciphers do modern browsers support ? What SSL/TLS settings do server and common SSL providers support ?
  • What are the cipher suites offering most compatibility and security ?
  • Should we really disable SSLv2 ? What about legacy browsers ?
  • How long does RSA still stand a chance ?What are the recommended hashes,ciphers for the next years to come

The paper includes two free tools :
  • SSL Audit : SSL/TLS scanner
  • Harden SSL/TLS : Windows server and client SSL/TLS hardening tool
Download : SSL/TLS Hardening and Compatibility report 2010
Download : SSL/TLS Hardening and Compatibility report 2011

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I  do not consider myself to be a developer, I have however during my career developed a lot of Proof of Concept code. including offensive and defensive tools that I have made public.

BTCrack 1.11
BTCrack was the worlds first Bluetooth Pass phrase (PIN) and linkkey brute-force tool. It was presented it the renowned SAAL1 at the 23C3 in Berlin. BTCrack will brute-force the Passkey and the Link key from captured Bluetooth pairing exchanges.

To capture the pairing exchange it is necessary to have a Professional Bluetooth Analyzer : FTE (BPA 100, BPA 105, others), Merlin OR to know how to flash a CSR based consumer USB dongle with special firmware. (Update 2011: Ubertooth also is a possibility now)

As of version 1.1, BTCrack started to include FPGA support through picocomputing E-Series.

Speed Comparison :

P4 2Ghz - Dual Core  :      200.000 keys/sec
FPGA E12 @ 50Mhz :   7.600.000 keys/sec
FPGA E12 @ 75Mhz : 10.000.000 keys/sec
FPGA E14                 :   30.000.000 keys/sec

Download BTCrack 1.1
More information
▪ Video : 23C3 All you Bluetooth is belong to us
Talk : Heisec Scheunentor Bluetooth

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BTCrack Open Source Version (GPL)
This is a straight forward linux port of BTCrack.

Download BTCrack Open Source Version

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Secure-It™ is a local Windows security hardening tool, proactively secures your PC by either disabling the intrusion and propagation vectors proactively or simply by reducing the attack surface by disabling unimportant functions.
The tool secured Windows workstation  as-well as servers against new dangers by blocking the root cause of the vulnerabilities exploited by malware, worms and spyware. Secure-it had a track record of preventing several 0-day exploits pro actively

History of real-life proactive protection :
  • 2004 Protected against the Help Active X control exploit in advance.  
  • 2004 Protected against the second Help Active-X control exploit not correctly patched.
  • 2004 Protected against the DHTML Active-x Control exploit in advance. 

Note: Secure-it last update was in 2005 and some settings, like the active-x blacklist are outdated and should no longer be used. 

More information

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Harden-It™ is a Network and System hardening tool for Windows, by hardening the IP stack your Network can sustain or completely thwart various sophisticated network attacks : 

  • Harden your server's TCP and IP stack (ICMP, SYN, SYN-ACK..) Reduces or mitigates effects from DoS and other network based attacks
  • Enable SYN flood protection when an attack is detected  Set the threshold values that are used to determine what constitutes an attack
  • Various other protections.
History of real-life proactive protection :
 ▪  2006 Protected against the Windows IGMP Denial of service attack in advance.

More information Tag

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Remote Administration Tool (GPL)
Remote Administration Tool is a small free remote control software package derived from the popular TightVNC software.

With "Remote Administration Tool", you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer. Small, easy, no installation required.

More information

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CSSDIE is a community-developed fuzzer for verifying browser integrity, written by H D Moore, Matt Murphy, Aviv Raff, and Thierry Zoller. CSSDIE will look for common CSS1/CSS2/CSS3 implementation flaws by specifying common bad values for style values

More information

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Omron Communicator 
This software is based on my efforts to reverse engineer the Hitachi Omron Hybrid Card readers. Omron Card readers are used in various commercial setups like ATM, identity management, payment systems, parking systems. The effort displayed on this blog is purely done out of research and awareness purposes.

 ▪ Part 1 - Omron hybrid card reader - New toy

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Academic Papers - Please get the Sarcasm

The Influence of Bayesian Methodologies on Algorithms
Consistent hashing must work. Given the current status of random configurations, biologists famously desire the deployment of PKI, which embodies the intuitive principles of cryptanalysis.

Signed, Large-Scale Methodologies for Public-Private Key Pairs
The implications of certifiable configurations have been far-reaching and pervasive. After years of confirmed research into flip-flop gates, we disprove the analysis of robots that would make simulating context free grammar a real possibility, which embodies the confusing principles of stenography.

Our focus in this work is not on whether multiprocessors can be made authenticated, random, and empathic, but rather on presenting new semantic communication (Moo).
The study of the location-identity split has evaluated linked lists, and current trends suggest that the analysis of evolutionary programming will soon emerge.

Unified optimal symmetries have led to many extensive advances, including SCSI disks and agents [10]. After years of appropriate research into cache coherence, we prove the improvement of digital-to-analog converters, which embodies the robust principles of cryptanalysis. Valence, our new heuristic for the construction rasterization, is the solution to all of these problems.

The emulation of erasure coding is an essential challenge. ApodAni, our new framework for pseudo random theory, is the solution to all of these grand challenges.

Excerpt of discovered Vulnerabilities
Below is an overview of new vulnerabilities I have discovered, coordinated and disclosed, this list does not include vulnerabilities that were being discovered during my professional career.


I am by far not an electronic engineer - I learned to solder and modified a bit of hardware as a hobby and out of interest.

This is my version of the the Bluetooth Sniper weapon, it features a medium sized YAGI antenna combined with a 10* magnification scope and a metalized parabolic which may bundle the Bluetooth signal, thus further enhancing the range.
A long term project with regards to USB devices and security.


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