I uploaded a new version of "Harden SSL/TLS"


  • Added Windows 8 support
  • Added Windows Server 2012 support
  • Resolved an issue around P521 additions

About Harden SSL/TLS 

Harden SSL/TLS” allows to configure and harden the SSL/TLS settings of Windows System, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8 and from Windows 2003 to Windows Server 2012.

Harden TLS allows to remotely set SSL policies allowing or denying certain ciphers/hashes or complete ciphersuites.

The foundation of this tool was the investigation and reverse engineering of the ciphers provided by the various SCHANNEL versions by G-SEC and presented in the paper “SSL/TLS Compatibility Report”.

This tool specific allows setting policies with regards to what ciphers and protocols are available to applications that use SCHANNEL crypto interface. A lot of windows applications do use this interface, for instance Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are a few of these.