About me

Born and Living in Luxembourg, I have over 25 years of experience working in various information security roles. Currently CISO at J.P. Morgan Payment Solutions, Former CISO @ Amazon Payments, Former CISO at HSBC Luxembourg, Former  EMEA Practice Lead for Threat and Vulnerability Management @ Verizon,  Penetration Testing and Appsec @ n.runs, Security Engineering at Proximus. 

I have worked for J.P Morgan, HSBC, Amazon, Verizon, Proximus and n.runs in a number of Senior Information Security and Privacy related roles. 

I have published numerous research results and presented at various international security conferences [1]. I am a proud founding father and distinguished subject matter expert for the ISC2 CSSLP certification, a board member at OWASP Benelux and an Advisory Board Member for C|ASE (Certified Application Security Engineer) at EC-Council.


I can be found on TwitterLinked-in and can be reached via E-mail.

Tools and other releases

A summary of my Publications can be found here

Citations / References

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Section II - Related Work

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How I started in the field of Information Security

My interest in tech started at a young age, self-learning early on I started by teaching myself development (BASIC) on the Atari 1024ST (Casette decks!) and was fascinated that this machine would execute logic that I succeeded in embedding into it, even if it were just basic logic constructs and outputs, my interest was peaked.

I consider myself lucky that my parents supported my interests and as I became older I was able to move to the classical IBM x68 architecture.  Learned how to create 3D models and animations in 3D Studio (Later 3DS Max)  and how to make music tracks (I am still bad at it  to this date) using  "Fast Tracker II" (Sound) a "Music Tracker" originating from the Demo Scene.

As I got access to the Internet, I discovered the world of free knowledge; interconnectivity, networks, protocols and attacks.

I remember started to take a particular interest into this field when I read about a Remote Access Tool called BO (cDC) in a German Paper magazine called "ct". I must have been 15 and wanted to know all about it, how it worked, what enabled Remote Access.  I discovered IP, TCP, UDP, discovered OS internals, spend years to aquire foundational knowledge.

Fast forward, in the late 90s I analysed and reverse engineered an uncountable amount of malicious code, back in the days analysis tools were not as advanced as they were today; in fact, to my knowledge, there weren't any publicly available. I single handily maintained what must have been the world largest repositry of analysis of malware and the first (?) centrally maintained list of indicators of compromise. 

These publications were covered by the the SANS Institute, various books and  found it's way into commercial and non-commercial IDS rules and of course AV vendors. Actually, as I write these lines I came to realise that some IDS have still have my signatures in them.

It was during these years that I solidified my interest in the field of Information Security. After leaving n.runs, in Mid 2009 I founded G-SEC where I build up a local non-profit  Team of Security Specialists and wanted to create an  interest in this profession for those that yet have to make a career choice. My thirst for knowledge let me to discover hundreds of vulnerabilities, developed the first Bluetooth PIN and LinkKey Bruteforcer and found high-profile vulnerabilities within Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Apple software which led to IBM X-Force to mention me of the list of the  Top Vulnerability Discoverers of 2009