I uploaded a new version of "Harden SSL/TLS"


  • Added Windows 8 support
  • Added Windows Server 2012 support
  • Resolved an issue around P521 additions

About Harden SSL/TLS 

Harden SSL/TLS” allows to configure and harden the SSL/TLS settings of Windows System, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8 and from Windows 2003 to Windows Server 2012.

Harden TLS allows to remotely set SSL policies allowing or denying certain ciphers/hashes or complete ciphersuites.

The foundation of this tool was the investigation and reverse engineering of the ciphers provided by the various SCHANNEL versions by G-SEC and presented in the paper “SSL/TLS Compatibility Report”.

This tool specific allows setting policies with regards to what ciphers and protocols are available to applications that use SCHANNEL crypto interface. A lot of windows applications do use this interface, for instance Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are a few of these.

By changing the settings you can indirectly control what ciphers these applications are allowed to use. This tool works for all and every application that uses Microsoft CSCHANNEL whether they are client or server applications - as example: IIS, SQL Server, Internet Explorer, Safari.

Harden SSL / TLS 




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