I rarely comment on political issues within this blog, now I do. Overall in Europe politians seem to be jumping the bandwagon as to loosing privacy rights and surveillance laws.

The scapegoat here is "Islamic Terror", especially in Germany it is being blamed for pretty much everything. I call Bullshit.

Check the inpendendant report of "EU TERRORISM SITUATION AND TREND REPORT 2007" by nobody else than Europol.

I repeat: "Islamic Terror is the number one threat to Europe" is the chanson of lots of politicians, now check this :

My question is this, how comes a politician can make such claims without being held accountable, when there is clear evidence that he is simply pushing an agenda and doesn't care about reality ? Not too mention these other "Terrorist" groups always existed, always were there. One thing is clear to me, if we don't get off our lame asses and start to do something we soon will be no better than the US.


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