BTCrack 0.9a is going ahead nice, optimisations have been done and the final release will be on the Nruns website as promised very soon™ :)

BTCrack 0.9a now spawns 8 threads in order to crack the keys, and this implies that dual-core or quad-core processors are working out very nicely :) A few assembler optimisations are still ahead and the final release should be ready for 23c3.

The general assumption that the attack is theroreticaly possible and that Pins of 6 digits represent a good protection is now pratcticaly refuted.

Here are my current stats on a Dual-Core P4 2Ghz (48000 pins per second)

Pin Time required (seconds)

  • 1234 - 0,25 seconds
  • 12345 - 1,59 seconds
  • 654321 - 16,171 seconds
  • 123456789 - 4851,156 seconds (1,3 hours)


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