BTCrack 1.1 is ready! I named it BTCrack Heisec release, because I released it during the Security Conference of Heisec

BTcrack is a pairing handshake cracker against Bluetooth 1.0 - 2.0 for more information please resort to the Paper by Shaked and Wool and the website listed at the end of this E-mail.

In cooperation with PicoComputing ( we added FPGA support to BTCrack 1.1 and increased the Software speed by 15% reaching 200.00 keys per second on a stock P4-Dual Core 2.0ghz

Version 1.1 :
[+] Added Priority Control
[*] Fixed splash bug
[+] Added FPGA Support
[+] Speed increase (15%)

Keys per second - CPU
200.000 keys/sec DualCore P4 2 GHZ
7.600.000 keys/sec E12 @ 50mhz (Pico FPGA)
10.000.000 keys/sec E12 @ 75mhz (Pico FPGA)
30.000.000 keys/sec E16 (Pico FPGA)

Download BTCrack 1.1


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