This is a cross post from the G-SEC blog

My professional and private commitments made it difficult to maintain a healthy blogging style, I am trying to get back to some blogging on a more regular basis.

Quick Update:
  • G-SEC does no longer operate on a commercial basis, for those that want to join the G-SEC Team and blogging platform drop me (Thierry) a mail.
  • I updated the "TLS/SSL hardening and compatibility Report" to 2011

TLS/SSL hardening and compatibility Report 2011
Notable Changes:
  • Chrome moved from SCHANNEL to NSS, this move enhances the cipher-suites available to XP systems considerably (compared to IE) but loosing the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 capability of later Windows Operation Systems.
  • Added OPERA cipher-suites

Note: I have not re-tested all browsers completely, if you find errors please let me know. The report is available for download here


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