Hack.lu is over! a nice security conference in Luxembourg. Had a great time, although sometimes organisation was a bit messed ;) Reeaaaallly nice and very interesting poeple, commercial rate was very low and finaly I saw some poeple I knew only virtually in real life.
Well as you knew or not knew, Kevin Finistere and myself gave a talk about Bluetooth security. Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn ?

I don't believe so :
- Live demo : Remote ROOT shell over Bluetooth on MAC OS 10.3.9 / 10.4 (and source code release)- Live demo : Presenting BTCrack, Bluetooth PIN and Linkkey cracker Will be released on Nruns.com complete with source code in a few weeks!- Clearing the Air about Inqtana (The PoC Worm Kevin created)- FUD reduced to a minimum. What's a threat, what isn't.- Download our Slides from Hack.lu
See you next year !


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