Introduction :
"ZangoCash (formerly LOUDcash) is recognized around the world as one of the best pay-per-install affiliate programs on the Internet. ZangoCash is a subsidiary of 180solutions which also includes Zango and MetricsDirect . Every day, 7,500-10,000 ZangoCash affiliates distribute our software to users who are then connected with more than 6,000 MetricsDirect advertisers."

Details :

After the acknowledgement of an License Agreement, during Startup, the bundled EXE contacts several servers and downloads the required Adware components. The downloaded components are not checked for integrity or authenticity and are executed as soon as they are downloaded.

The Following procedures are exploitable :

  1. Initial Install
  2. Auto-Update function

The condition is exploitable in the following scenarios :

  1. You have legitimate control over the DNS server
  2. You have compromised a DNS server
  3. You forge a cache poisoning attack against a vulnerable DNS server
  4. You have access to the machine and change the HOST file

Redirecting to an IP address under your Control and creating the respective V-host allows you to install any type of executable on the machine where zango is being installed or currently is installed.


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