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My professional and private commitments made it difficult to maintain a healthy blogging style, I am trying to get back to some blogging on a more regular basis.

Quick Update:
  • G-SEC does no longer operate on a commercial basis, for those that want to join the G-SEC Team and blogging platform drop me (Thierry) a mail.
  • I updated the "TLS/SSL hardening and compatibility Report" to 2011

TLS/SSL hardening and compatibility Report 2011
Notable Changes:
  • Chrome moved from SCHANNEL to NSS, this move enhances the cipher-suites available to XP systems considerably (compared to IE) but loosing the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 capability of later Windows Operation Systems.
  • Added OPERA cipher-suites

Note: I have not re-tested all browsers completely, if you find errors please let me know. The report is available for download here


EAP-TTLS said... @ 11 December, 2012 12:17

The wireless AP should be able to work with different operational modes: Access point, Repeater, Network Bridge, and wireless Client mode. In the Wireless Access Point Mode, the device allows for any existing wired network to go wireless by simply attaching the device using the Ethernet cable to an open port in your router or switch.

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