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Derren Brown, the NLP master and magician  "predicted" the Lotterie numbers Live on TV and promised to tell on Friday how he did it - well he didn't really. The explanations on Friday is obviously not very convincing. He claimed to have used the phenomenon called "Crowd wisdom" whereas a group of poeple, taking the average often guess correctly. Right.

Daren Brown predicting the Lottery

The "ball" that gave it away

Simulation of the trick

Real NLP trickery


internetheaven said... @ 13 September, 2009 00:16

You saw a woman in half, people are bored. Just look at the equipment used - a TV and a plastic rack with 6 plastic balls and the whole nation is talking about it! Amazing trickster! Rumours will always abound, but the Lottery will certainly be looking in to the allegations! ;) --

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