Jabra pulls a 1994 microsoft reaction in the year 2009. "The vulnerability is purely theoretical". I thought we were over this.

Jabra claims that the cipher is so resistant that it would take a huge amount of effort. Jabra, do us all a favor and google for "downgrade attack". No need to break anything if you agree to not use encryption (or 0bit key) - see SSL v.2.o


Credit: Security4all tweet

Update:RPW pointed out that thedocument is from 2007 not from 2009, oops ;)


RPW said... @ 12 March, 2009 16:56

Thierry, kaner just pointed out that this document is from 2007. So it is not a reaction to our attacks. Still sloppy of Jabra to have left it on their website, but maybe they are just not aware?

Thierry Zoller said... @ 12 March, 2009 17:17

Ooops thanks for the heads up :)

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